Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Remember when...

  • Remember when I worked 75 hours a week three weeks in a row? Don't worry, I'll be heading for weeks 4 and 5 soon.
  • Remember when Nicole Vernon came to visit me in London over the weekend and we saw a sumo wrestler running through Hyde Park? (Pictures to come, pending submission by N. Vernon).
  • Remember when I ate three cadbury creme eggs in one sitting?
  • Remember when Nicole spent 15 quid on various types of Diet Coke at the "food and wine"?
  • Remember the deep fried squid in Leicester Square?
  • Remember that it's always entertaining to hear British people quoting clueless anytime past midnight?
  • Remember when I spent all my spare time at work stalking people on facebook and pretending like I remember what it feels like to have a social life?
  • Remember when I got told that my stay in London was getting extended? Oh, and that the deal signs the day after Easter. Potential bye bye to holiday.
  • Remember when Nicole fell asleep in sacrament with her mouth open?
  • Remember when I came to London, but ate at Pizza Hut anyway?
  • Remember when I stopped showering on a daily basis because I just don't care anymore?
  • Remember how I'm drinking copious amounts of diet coke because I don't know what else to order when my colleagues and I go out for "bubbly"
  • Remember how I sometimes forget to use punctuation
  • Remember when I bought myself a pencil sharpener in the form of a red telephone box? Ok, first of all, who uses pencils that need a sharpener? Second of all, that's soooo touristy. Third of all: well, I just love it.
  • Remember when it was a Tuesday and I was already hating life...

1 comment:

  1. - I'd like to see these sumo man pictures ASAP.
    - I think I can remember multiple times when you ate three cadbury eggs in one sitting ;)
    - I feel your pain of facebooking at work.
    - Next time you go out for drinks try asking for milk.
    - I so wish I could be in London with you right now.