Monday, March 3, 2008

"Ah yu al'ri' ?" (Are you alright?)

Problems in British American Translation:
You would think it would be easy, but actually it took me several days to get used to the accent over here. To tell you the truth, I still can't understand the really heavy cockney accents...
Anyhow, I have made several rather humorous mistakes since I got here.
1. Instead of saying "how's it going," the Brits say "are you alright?" When we (Americans) say "Are you alright?" doesn't it generally mean "are you ok? Is something wrong? Did something bad happen to you?" So, for the first couple of days when people asked me "are you alright," I would confusedly answer "um, yeah, I'm doing just fine thanks" and then continue onward...most likely with a blind look on my face trying to figure out what in the world had just happened.
Rachel, my office-mate (a third year associate here in the London office) always asks me to say "are you alright" in a British accent because she thinks I sound like the Queen. I just don't see it, but ok. Anything for kicks in the office...
2. I wore my black leather boots with a skirt on Friday to work. James (a colleague of mine) and I were chatting and commented "Those are some right foxy boots you have on today, Rach." I replied "Thanks, I actually wear them a lot, but usually I just wear them with pants." He got a rather amused/perplexed look on his face for a few seconds, and then exclaimed, "oh, you mean trousers!?" "Yes, I mean 'trousers'" He then explained to me that "pants" means underwear. I am not a stripper. I swear. Note to self, never say "I usually just wear my stiletto black leather boots with pants" in public. Could be taken the wrong way.
Oh, and above are more pictures from my little jaunt around town on Saturday. The daffodils are out, and it's quite pretty in Hyde Park. I just wish there were leaves on the trees. I would say I'd hope to be here to see that, but I'd be lying. I'm just wishing to get home soon...

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  1. Rachel! I'm so happy you told me about your blog! I love it. Funny stories in the form of misunderstandings between people from another country are some of my favorites. Just know that i'm reading about your life and loving it :)