Friday, September 20, 2013


Bear has nightmares.  Do dogs even have those?  Mine does.

Last night he woke up crying/shouting and shaking, so I went over to investigate and found him cowering with the most terrified look on his little, fluffy face.  It took several minutes of rubbing his head and another few minutes of him snuggling into my hand for him to fall asleep again.  Poor little guy.

What could he possibly be dreaming about that's so terrifying?  A big dog that doesn't want to play with him?  Not enough treats for performing a certain trick?  Too many crunchy fall leaves to eat?  It's a mystery.

Luckily for my sleep habits, most of the time he's a pretty happy little guy.  He makes the best co-pilot a girl could ask for (even if he is covered in reddish mud from a frolic in the back yard).

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