Monday, September 2, 2013

Mr. Bear

Are you ready to be smothered in puppies?  Good, because I'm dumping photos of this cutie like it's going out of style.

After barely sleeping on Friday night due to excitement, we made our way up to the BWI cargo bay to pick up Bear.  We waited patiently inside nondescript door number nine and could hardly contain ourselves when they brought a tiny (1 foot by 1 foot) crate into the room - his tiny face peeping out of the door.

He seemed scared, but fairly quiet.  We brought him outside to the nearest grassy area and let him out to run.  He ran around a bit, but also hung out in our laps (he loves to be held) and in his crate next to us.  Isn't he darling?

We brought him home and introduced him to the yard.  It took him several tries to make it up the patio stairs by himself - understandable considering how little he was!

He was obsessed with our rugs.  Alas, we had to take them up for the time being because he was a tad too obsessed.  He picked at them with his razor sharp puppy teeth, and would pee just a little on them when he felt like being naughty (giving us the side eye all the while, of course).

He spends a lot of his time looking for cool places to fall asleep.  He loves the hardwoods and loves curling up in front of an air vent so he can feel the cool breeze through his fur.

He also loves the feeling of being secure, so he'll run for a spot in the yard where he can hide in the lilies.  He's also a sun-o-phobe. He'll stand at the edge of the shade and refuse to move another inch so he can stay in the shade.

And, like many other puppies before him, he is confoundingly flexible.  He sleeps in the strangest positions and often lays across the floor in spread-eagle fashion with his legs splayed behind him.  

Oh Bear, we love you.