Monday, June 24, 2013

27 - A very special birthday

Blake and I have been trying to go to Rasika together for years.  You generally have to make reservations two months in advance, and even when we do remember to make reservations, we always have something come up at the last minute so we have to cancel (I'm sure to the delight of folks on the waiting list). 

The cosmos finally aligned.  We arrived for my birthday dinner and were seated at one of the small, intimate tables in the dimly lit restaurant.  I say intimate not because it was in any way romantic for the two of us, but rather because we quickly became intimate with our neighbors - who were sitting practically shoulder to shoulder with us.

Along with everyone else that night (and probably everyone to eat there in the history of the restaurant), we ordered the Palak Chat as an appetizer.  It was divine.  But, I digress.

The couple at the table next to ours finished inhaling that heavenly spinach at about the same time we did and were (as we were) chatting amongst themselves while they waited for the main course.  That is until he was suddenly down on one knee 3 inches from me with a small box and a shaking hand outstretched toward his date.

It took me a moment to process what was happening.  In that moment and the short time following, I witnessed the world's most awkward proposal:

-Three seconds of "I love you so much. Will you marry me?" whilst Blake and I tried to shy left so as to create an extra few inches between us and the awkward.

-Approximately .5 seconds of a squeaky "yes" from the now fiancee, whilst Blake and I try in vain to not be included in the photos that are now being snapped from across the room.

- Another 30 seconds explaining "I was going to propose at home last night when we got takeout, but decided to wait until now."  Oh gosh, buddy. A proposal over takeout?  I'm so glad you waited. 

- Followed by 30 seconds of Blake and me wondering if we should congratulate them.  Then 10 seconds of actually congratulating them.

This all took - I kid you not - less than a minute and a half, making this quite possibly the shortest and most awkward proposal known to man.

I think being a part of a stranger's proposal is maybe the best accidental birthday gift I've ever received.