Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wolfeboro 2013

Truly the worst thing about graduating college (or graduate school etc.) is that summer vacation becomes a thing of the past.  You're lucky if you get to squeeze in two measly weeks between June and September.  Not exactly the three care-free months of yore.

For me, although the temperatures may be rising and the commute may be getting significantly more sweaty, the thing that really ushers in summer is the first day of vacation.  Whether that's in California with my family or in New Hampshire with Blake's, that sense of freedom is undeniably luscious.

There's nothing quite like waking up that first morning at the lake to a view through the trees to the water.  This is usually quickly accompanied by Blake jumping out of bed, inspecting the water for "glassiness" and heading out to get in a morning ski.  (Which is to say it's also accompanied by me grumbling good morning to Blake and turning back over to get my must-lusted-after vacation sleep.)

Yes. That's summer.

 After five years of going to Winnipesaukee with Blake and vowing each year to get a picture by the famed Wolfeboro sign, I finally remembered to do it.  And on a day we showered, no less!  (Generally speaking I only shower on Sundays at the lake - all mid-week cleanliness can be achieved by a quick dip.)

I have to be sneaky to get a shot of Blake here and there- he doesn't necessarily approve of my paparazzi ways, but he'll be grateful someday, right?  Here we see him in his six-day-beard glory tying up the boat after a jaunt to town for Bailey's Bubble (only the best ice cream known to mankind).

On a side note: we found out that our puppy, Bear, was born on the 29th.  I then decided that the name "Bear" is going to be short for "Maine Black Bear" after my favorite ice cream.  As you can see, I have monumental ideas at the lake.

We enjoyed Wofleboro's annual 4th of July celebration with fireworks over the bay.  There's something so magical about watching fireworks from a boat.  It doesn't translate well on film (or iPhone), but I had to try.  The smaller lights under the fireworks are all of the boats bobbing around us.  Everyone toots their horns and claps in approval of the particularly beautiful fireworks. 

There are also usually several boats full of drunken folks singing patriot songs (which, apparently, also include "Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls" by TLC. Explain that one?) I'm not sure if this adds to or detracts from the scene, but it's certainly entertaining.

We spent our evenings out enjoying the sunsets over the water.  This may or may not have included following sailboats around waiting for that elusive "perfect shot" until we were too embarrassed to get any closer.

And for good measure, I took lot so of photos while Blake was on the water.  Just because I find water skiing too terrifying to do myself doesn't mean I can't enjoy it on his behalf.  I may be a wimp, but I'm a happy-to-be-on-the-boat wimp.

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