Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Fine Frenzy

Did I mention the reason we went down to Florida last weekend?
Blake's parents' new home was completely empty aside from four mattresses.  So, we spent the weekend on a whirlwind shopping tour to set up house.  Let me tell you. Three days of shopping is not for the faint of heart.
Marilyn (Blake's Mom) had never been to Home Goods before.  I convinced her that it was the best place to start, so we headed there straight from the airport.  She didn't seem too excited as we were walking up to the store, but as soon as we walked in, I could tell that the tides were turning.  She looked like a kid in a candy store - rushing from lamps to side tables to bedding to pillows in an absolute frenzy.
Three hours (three hours!) later, we struggled to the cashier with four overflowing carts and a flat-bed dolly crammed with furniture.  Then, we calmly led the helpful sales associate outside to help us bring the haul to the car. 
I'm fairly certain he was expecting a U-Haul or a truck, so I was not surprised by the skeptical look on his face as we approached and beeped opened the trunk.  It was a small SUV and it already had our luggage piled in.  But, through no small feat (and probably due to loads of previous x-box tetris playing) we managed to fit it all in.  Sure, we had stuff on our laps and stuffed around our feet, but we did it.  I've even got a picture of Marilyn in the back seat to prove it. 
I've successfully turned her into a Home Goods convert.  I see my work here is done.


  1. We have tons of Home Goods in Ohio and I haven't ever been to one! Now I'll have to check it out!

    1. You definitely need to go! Home Goods is fantastic!