Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mid-twenties crisis

So, is this it?  The slow descent into insanity?

Days filled with too much work, too much church, too many metro delays, and gaggles of dust bunnies roaming free throughout the house? 

It's been absolute chaos at work and I'm only now starting to come up for air.  Here's hoping I can catch up with all things life-related sometime soon (maybe during the much-anticipated 3-day weekend coming my way...).


  1. Amen, woman! I had a week earlier this month where I was crazy swamped (freelance work) and hardly sleeping, to the point that I reaaally began to question the meaning of adult life and kept asking myself, "Is this all there is?!" I think that week alone aged my face 5 I'm LOOKING more like I'm in a 32-year mid-life crisis. Nooo!

    I hope your life gets less crazy! (Also, so jealous of your youthful face right now.)

    1. Don't you hate weeks like that?! I agree that it makes adulthood a little less than pleasant. I wish work were like grade school - that we got out at 3:00 and tad the afternoon to "play" with friends. Sigh. face ain't lookin so youthful now either. Watching the Golden Globes I kept thinking "wow, I have more wrinkles than even the youngest of them." Botox. Go figure.