Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pebble Beach

We got back from Pebble Beach late Saturday night/Early Sunday morning.  Have I mentioned how much I hate Dulles airport?  It hardly even justifies a capitalization.  That's how much I hate it.  Remind me to avoid it and its inconvenient parking, horrible security lines, inept employees and slow-as-molasses people-movers as much as possible in the future.

But, I digress.

We had a wonderful time in Pebble Beach.  Even though Blake was sick for the first couple days and I was sick for the last half, there is no better place to recover.  At 65 degrees and sunny, it surely beat that 110 degrees and humid that was happening in DC while we were away.  As luck would have it, our house was actually without power for the entire week we were away.  Sick or not, we still picked the perfect week to be away!

My parents rent a house every summer that's just 10 houses up the street from this:

These are just iPhone pictures, so you can imagine how gorgeous it is in real life.  Hopefully when I pull myself together and quit the sniffles altogether I'll be able to load some of our real-camera photos and talk a bit more about the trip.

Now that finally lucid, I'm really ready to head back and do the trip all over again.  Who's with me?

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