Tuesday, July 17, 2012

And one more thing.

Did you know that when the power goes out and the ice in your freezer starts to melt, it will drip continuously out of the ice dispenser and soak the kitchen floor?

Did you know that when you remove the ice box from the freezer and place it in the sink, it will halt the dripping, but the when the freezer turns back on it will continue to make ice?

Did you know that the ice maker will continue to make ice because it does not feel a box starting to fill up?

And when it continues to make ice at a unceasing pace, did you know that when you open the freezer door after coming home from your trip, several hundred ice cubes (along with some suspect re-frozen fish and chicken juice) would cascade out into the kitchen?

We didn't.

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  1. Oh Rachel! So sad. You and your mishaps at your house lately. It gave me a good laugh though, thanks for sharing :)