Thursday, June 23, 2011

Speaking of Pisa...

...check out the Tuscan oil paintings we scored from an artist we met at a flea market there.

It took about 40 minutes of  haggling for Blake to agree to a fair price.  I might add that I spent that 40 minutes periodically wondering off so that the desperation and art-lust would not show on my face.  I am a haggling pansy.  Blake never pays full price for anything.  I will generally haggle for a couple of minutes and then decide that I'm done and that "painting (or insert other milieu here) is their livelihood...I should just pay what we've currently arrived at and be on my's only fair..."  See.  I'm a pansy. 

The solution to my pansy-hood is that I leave when Blake haggles.  And we always end up paying significantly less than if I had been in charge.  So it's a good solution if you ask me.

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