Friday, June 24, 2011

Friendly Neighborhood Farmers Market

Little Red is about a block away from a farmers market that runs weekly from April through November.  I try to take advantage of it every Saturday morning and I make sure to save up my cash so that I can buy more than just a quarter pound of asparagus (yes, I actually did  ask them to weight that out once...I only had change from my change jar...whoops). 

I like supporting local farmers and it doesn't hurt that it's chemical-free...or that it's about half the price of what I'd otherwise pay for organic fare at Whole Paycheck Foods.

What this picture doesn't show: homemade breads, pies and pastured-cow cheese.  Piles of gorgeous asparagus.  Heaps of bright-colored zucchini.  The annual kids bike race currently making its way towards me on the path.

What this picture does show:  I don't shower on Saturdays.  I have very flat feet.  Even though I live in Maryland, Virginia is still for lovers.  Picking out jam requires intense concentration (and a double chin?).

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