Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pisa: Day 10

After a late-start morning, we decided to take a quick train ride over to Pisa from Livorno (the port where we docked).  We had planned to do Pisa and Lucca all in one day, but ended up staying in Pisa for most of the day.

Pisa is one of the cities I was most surprised by.  Every tour guide book says that Pisa is un-charming, but I found it to be the opposite.  We had great weather.  The city was clean.  There were great farmers' markets to walk through, and the tower itself was really fun to see.  It's amazing to me that the thing is still standing, actually.  The photos below don't quite capture the extreme angle of the tower. 

We took it easy all afternoon and played on the grass with all of the kiddos.  I had a great time trying to show them how to take photos where it looked like we were holding up the tower.  I don't think they quite understood the perspective lesson I was trying to teach them.  This is quite obvious from the photo below.  Yep, not quite right, but fun nonetheless.

I did end up taking some pretty hilarious pictures of the kids hugging, kissing, hitting, and leaning against the tower.

I think this one of Ella (4) is particularly entertaining.  Doesn't she look like she's been photoshopped in?

This one of Morgan (10) is also pretty fun:

And here I am looking concerned (that's got to be the reason for my double chin, right?) as I reviewed the day's photos:  

The moral of the story here is: go to Pisa, folks.  Disregard what the tour books say and go anyway.  It's a great place to relax and do some no-hassle sight-seeing.

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