Friday, October 29, 2010


I'm really happy it's Friday.  And I can soon get away from this computer screen and the internet. 

I often question how anyone got anything done at work without the Internet.  Then again, I sometimes question how anyone gets anything done at work with the Internet.

Like when your colleague alerts you to the fact that for one day only (ONE DAY ONLY!) Lord & Taylor is having a 60% off all coats sale.  And before you know it you've got four coats in your checkout cart (and two pairs of boots, for good measure) and you're not really sure how they got was all a Friday-afternoon-induced haze!

Yes.  I need to get myself away from the Internet as soon as possible.

Just for your peace of mind, Blake (and anyone else who is currently interested in my personal finances), I am not actually going to buy anything.  The cart is as far as this madness will go.

As cute as the Kenneth Cole trench is, Christmas is fast approaching and I'm saving my pennies to spend on gifts for others.  Not gifts for myself.

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  1. that is so you to be buying gifts for others. buy something for yourself too :)