Thursday, October 21, 2010


This morning on the metro I sat next to an older man who was snoring like his life depended upon it.  You have to be truly tired to snore louder than the clackity-clack of the train.  Another likely requisite is a comb-over.

The snoring didn't bother me too much, though.  I actually found it rather entertaining.  Most importantly, it helped keep my mind off my swollen eye.  Well, swollen lower eyelid.  It's been increasing in redness, itchiness and size since yesterday morning...though I think it's finally reached it's maximum capacity.

Oh well, it's not the first time I've looked like Quasimodo at work.  It probably won't be the last, either.


  1. Remember when we acted out that book for a photo opt in Barcelona...Gotta love digital cameras and delirium

  2. wow, yeah, I'd forgotten about that....hmm, that photo may have to be a post-edit tonight.