Thursday, May 13, 2010

Post Script

P.S. I realize my last post sounded a little full-of-it. I didn't mean for it to. I'm just really happy that the semester is over and that my hard work paid off.

Oh, and I got caught in the T-Rex of all thunderstorms last night on my walk home from work. I was soaked up to my waist. I was also wearing light stone-colored pants. Neat or not neat? You tell me.

Oh, and also, the other night --after I'd just told Meg that I usually try to eat pretty healthily-- I went home and ordered a pizza for dinner. Blake and I downed the entire thing.

So I am a half-drowned, full-of-herself liar. Whoops.


  1. light stone colored pants? What does that mean?

  2. Your blog is so well written! I stalked you from Lauren's blog and I just enjoyed your recent posts. Congrats on finishing!