Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Well, it's been beautiful in our yard lately. The azaleas were in full force, the grass was green, and the trees were in perfect shape.

That is, until disaster struck on Monday night and one of our biggest trees suffered a massive "natural disaster" of the left branch.

See, there's Blake's face poking out from all those beautiful branches.

We were/are pretty upset. It was a huge branch and it provided us with a lot of privacy. Goodbye branch. Goodbye privacy.

So, Blake is out there right now putting his trusty (small) handsaw to use. Did I mention that the handsaw is small and the branch is most certainly not? We'll see how this goes.


(sigh) Oh the joys of home ownership.

1 comment:

  1. Rachel, your yard and plants are so pretty! That is the kind of backyard I daydream about! :)

    Also, I just read that you are doing grad school..congrats! What kind of program are you doing?