Monday, October 6, 2008

Gas Prices

As gas prices continue to rise, taking a wrong turn can cost $5.00.

However, as Destiny reminded me, not all problems are solved by riding a bike, even if it is more ecologically friendly.

On the way to a movie on Saturday night, desperately trying to get there on time, and crossing our fingers that we wouldn't take a wrong turn or get stuck in traffic, Destiny told me about her sometimes daily rides into work.

DC roads are not always the easiest. There are lots of one-way streets, and it's just a mess down by the mall.

"I mean, if you take a wrong turn, it's 'who cares about gas prices, I'm peddlin' here!'"

This made me think: how much is a wrong turn worth to me? And, how far am I willing to go to save money on gas? Is it better to save five dollars or my legs?

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  1. Rachel I love to read your posts, I thought your reference to Gilmore Girls in the previous post was great! Hope all is going well for you!