Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Each piece of my jewelry has a specific story. I like to buy jewelry on vacation because it makes for a very cheap souvenir, but also one that doesn't take up a lot of luggage space and isn't kitschy or useless.

There are the earrings (or I guess I should say 'earring' is forever lost on BYU campus due to the holes in my aging backpack) from Barcelona with the small flowers pressed between the glass. I bought these in an outdoor market while trying to make my French/English sound like Spanish. I was proud of myself for haggling with the lady to lower the price, but now that I think about it I'm not sure I really had any effect.

I keep telling myself that I'll make the remaining earring into a pendant on a necklace, but here it is, almost two years later, and still the earring rests alone amidst the other paired earrings in the silver leaf dish.

There's the silver bracelet that my dad bought for me while at a conference in New Mexico. It's hand-made by an Indian woman. It's the only bracelet I wear. I wear it almost every single day.

There's the pair of earrings I bought in Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, New York, Seattle, Salt Lake...

There's the pair my aunt and uncle sent me for graduation...

What a pretty way to remember.

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