Tuesday, January 27, 2015


A couple weeks after Christmas, Blake and I flew out to Utah to visit my family.  My little brother, Reese (who is actually not so little anymore - 20!), had just gotten back from serving a mission in Berlin for our church and we wanted to be there to welcome him home.  He has spent the past two years doing service in Germany, and though we've emailed back and forth a lot, it was so fun to see him in person.

Blake stayed for a week - it was a miracle he could get that much time during such a busy case- and I stayed on for an extra five days.  Unfortunately, I got my second (?!@*#) sinus infection in a month and spent a lot of the extra days in bed.  Fortunately, I was prescribed another Z-Pak and was able to get out of bed and enjoy the last couple days I was there.

True to form, I forgot to take any pictures of actual interest, but I did get a lot of the beautiful snowy mountains. Oh, and a picture of a picture from a family photo session back in college.  Notice how happy my two tallest brothers look to be there?  Frankly, it was probably a miracle that they even agreed to be photographed, so I'll count it as a win.

Blake and I went up to Sundance a couple times, and although we didn't end up skiing, it was as beautiful and peaceful there as always.  Also, in all the time I lived in Utah, I'd never eaten at the Foundry Grill, so we treated ourselves to a long lunch by the fire while a blizzard raged outside.  It was glorious.  There is nothing prettier than a winter snow storm in Utah.

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