Wednesday, August 6, 2014


While my Mom was here last week, we worked some more on Maybe's nursery.  I had to do a lot of sitting, so my Mom graciously did most of the hammering, arranging, hole-filling, and curtain hemming.  And I sat.  (Thanks, Mom!)

Maybe's (the someday maybe baby) room has been a really fun project for me so far.  It's basically a storage room right now...when I find things for free that I like, I store them up in Maybe's room while I figure out if a. I want to keep it and b. if I'm going to fix it up.  The things I don't end up keeping I either sell on Craigslist or give to friends.

All of this has made for an extremely cheap nursery.  I figure that if I keep collecting until Maybe decides to join us, I'll have saved a bundle of money and can splurge on a few things like my ideal crib and a nice, plush rug.

A couple weeks ago I picked up a Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair in denim from a neighbor.  I washed the slip cover and it looks almost brand new (I always wanted one of those as a kid, so I'm sorta geeking out about that find).  I also got a brand new changing pad from someone at church.  Sure, changing pads aren't that expensive in the first place, but I'm happy to save money on the boring stuff so I can spend it on the fun stuff.

I think Maybe's room is my favorite room in the house.  It's towards the front of the house and has big south-facing windows that look out over our cherry tree.  It also has small east-facing windows (pictured below) in a little nook off the main room.  The room is always light and bright...and it's big enough to be a bedroom and a playroom in one.  Actually, there is a playroom built off the main room in the attic portion over our addition, but it needs to be re-insulated and sheet rocked before it's functioning for all four seasons.

Our upstairs bathroom shares a wall with this nook (pictured below) and we're hoping to expand it sometime soon.  So, when we do that, we'll be doubling the size of the bathroom (it's about 5" by 5" right now, so doubling won't make it huge, but it'll make it much more functional), but we'll lose this cool nook in the nursery.  It's not a totally necessary space in the nursery, so I'm not too sad to give it up someday.  For now I've put the small table and chairs that I re-did, a painting of a barn, my framed dress notecards, and a toy/blanket storage thing.  The best part?  Everything you see here was either found in the garbage or purchased at a yard sale (except for the framed dresses, which were gifts).

The barn picture was in a pile at the side of the road.  I cleaned up the glass and painted the frame teal.  The table and chairs were also from the side of the road.  I fixed their wobbly legs and painted them in high gloss for easy wipe-ability.  The organizer was also a side-of-the-road find (I'm thinking of painting the iron a fun color at some point).  I made the baby blanket hanging over it from yarn I inherited from my neighbor.  Blake made the wood sail boat from some scrap lumber we had laying around in the basement.  The books are from the Montgomery County Library Book Sale (also known as my idea of heaven on earth) for 25 cents each.

Progress, folks, it feels so good!

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