Monday, August 4, 2014

Dumbarton Oaks

It was an eventful week IVF-wise, so my Mom came out to help while I was out of commission.  It turned out to be the perfect week for her to be out here in more ways than one:

-I was on partial bed rest for part of the week, so she generously did my cooking, cleaning, shopping, dog walking, and house project-doing. My house and yard have never looked so good.  Bear has never been happier to pal around with someone, or sadder to see someone leave.

-We ate like kings (reference Mom's cooking, above).

-The weather was glorious, so on the days that I was able to be up and about, we spent a lot of time outside.  We even had a couple days in the low 70's - which is pretty unheard of in July in DC.  I couldn't help but gush every few minutes about "what a gorgeous day" we were having.

-Blake happened to be home sick all week (not part of the great things), so my Mom was able to take care of both of us...which was perfect because otherwise the two of us would have been a disaster all week.  I'm picturing take-out boxes strewn about a super gritty un-vacuumed floor, with Bear terrorizing us and tearing up the rugs.

-I've been dying to visit Dumbarton Oaks for ages, so my Mom and I spent a 72-degree afternoon there touring the gardens.  I'll tell you what - I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be fabulously wealthy.  I mean, I could get used to waking up every day to 16 acres in the middle of the city with terraced gardens, a huge swimming pool, deco wrought iron gates, climbing vines, outdoor amphitheaters, and my very own orangerie.  Yes. That is the life for me.


  1. That pool! I could definitely spend all day there :)

    Wishing you the best of luck with IVF. So nice that your mom was able to be around for support.

    I found your blog via Bear's instagram. I'm enjoying seeing more Bear antics and hopefully getting some inspiration for our new home from all of your house/furniture posts!

    1. Thanks so much! I agree, I'd spend all my time in that pool if it were mine...but for now I'll dream about having something like that when I become rich and famous someday.

      Actually, maybe I'll get Bear to buy it for me when he reaches the pinnacle of his internet fame ;)