Friday, January 17, 2014

Grandma names and why I don't write rhymes

Way back in the day in a house that was pink
Lived seven college girls that were just young things

They got into mischief and teased all the boys
And stayed up till all hours having parties - the noise!

All seven were characters, yes, through and through
But they laughed all the time until they turned blue

Oh such shenanigans they pulled and all the crazy first dates
Its a small miracle that each of them survived with good grades

One day all seven of them had their imaginations spark
So they gave each other grandma names on a lark

Ashton was Mildred, we called her Mildred Dahling, my dear
Was it Alpha or Meg who was Gertrude? ... It's unclear

I was Olive - see below on my face
And for Jenny and Erin? My feeble mind is erased!

Sweet Rachel was Mabel as I recall
She now has baby Mabel - don't that beat all?

These grannies in name were young in vigor and mind
They had daily dance parties and never wasted time

It's been seven long years since they last all were together
But all seven can say that life's only gotten better

Thank goodness for email and unlimited minutes
And blogs and instagram, e-games and pinterest

Thank goodness for friends who remain tried and true
Mildred Dahling, a mostest Happy Birthday to you!


  1. I think if a rhyme makes you smile, it's good. Ahhh this one makes me smile. The good times. Miss you!

    1. Miss you too, Ms. Jenny! Good times at the pink house!

  2. Good this is lovely.

    1. Good enough to graduate...I'll take it :)

  3. I love, love this post!! Cheers to yesteryears.

    1. Aww, thanks, Rachel Cam! I agree, cheers to yesteryears!

  4. Not sure how I'm just not seeing this, but I love it. And I can't remember my name... a bit sad about it, too.

    1. I'm really hoping I wrote them all down somewhere, but it'll require some digging through my college journal :)