Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Rise and Shout

I just got back from a two week trip to Utah to visit my family.  I was fairly successful in "unplugging" while I was there, which felt so good.  It's hard to remind myself how little I actually need my screen time.

Blake got the flu a few days before he was scheduled to come out and join me, so he spent Thanksgiving alone at the house in the throws of his sickness.  It was so sad not to spend the holiday together (though thank goodness it wasn't Christmas!).  All I know is that this Thanksgiving is going down in our family record books.  At least Blake had Bear to keep him company - though I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing when you're trying to rest.  Bear is such an active puppy!

But, back to Utah.

My Dad picked me up from the airport on Saturday morning and we headed down to Provo.  I got to tag along with him to the last BYU football home game.  One of the best parts about tagging along with my Dad is getting to sit in the President's Box.  Football games are an entirely different experience when you're watching them from a climate controlled room with an endless buffet dinner. I could get used to that type of football.

Provo is beautiful in the fall.  I got to see the last of the bright leaves and the beginnings of the snow-covered mountains.  It snowed during the game and the misty mountain view from the stadium was fantastic.

I think DC is gorgeous, but man I really miss those mountains.

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