Wednesday, December 4, 2013

In the Homeland

This was the first time I've visited when none of my other siblings are living at home.  I feel selfish for saying this, but it was so fun to get to spend so much undivided time with my parents.  We ate good food, saw Catching Fire, took beautiful drives up the canyon, went on long walks, did projects, went Christmas shopping, and ate more good food.

The two weeks flew by (even though I was missing Blake like crazy- darn that flu!).  

Nothing makes me feel older than driving by my old high school when it's letting out for the day.  Did I look so young back then?  I swear I was older than those kids.  

And same with the college freshman.  I went to one of the freshman wards in my Dad's stake and felt positively ancient.  So many memories of freshman year with the fatties came flooding back.  Looking around the room I half expected some of my old roomies to come walking through the door. It's hard to believe it was almost 10 years ago that I was in that stage of life.

Oh dear, I'm turing into such an old fuddy duddy.  

But seriously.  I'm learning how quickly life passes us by.  It's been my new goal this year to really try to enjoy each day and to get the most out of it.  Live without regrets. That's going to be my motto for 2014.

But before I wax more poetic than my writing ability can endure, here are some photos of the trip courtesy of my iPhone.

A couple views from my daily morning walks with Mom and Noosa:

My Dad and me at Sundance

My Mom and me at Sundance (of course the only day I remember to take photos is a day I don't wash or brush my hair. Sigh. Why does that always happen?)
More of the beautiful view at Sundance

My lovely parents at Sundance
Noosa guarding the entrance to my parents' house.


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    1. Well, 9.5 I guess. But ten years in the fall! If that doesn't make you feel old, I don't know what will.