Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DC Excitement!

It's been an exciting week so far (and it's only Wednesday!).

The Space Shuttle Discovery took a hour-long tour around DC yesterday and it flew right over my office.  I saw it out my window, but was too busy staring to grab my phone and snap a photo.  Lucky for me, Blake was a couple blocks away on the roof balcony of his office and he snagged this great shot.

It's not every day that the space shuttle makes the rounds in your neighborhood. 

Yesterday we also had our air ducts cleaned at home.  Oh the joys of home ownership.  It ended up costing a lot more than I expected it to.  On the list of things I'd like to spend a heap of money on, this falls toward the bottom.. somewhere between having to replace the plumbing and social security taxes.  So, it doesn't fall under the "exciting" category, but it does fall under the "unexpected/surprising category," which is "exciting's" distant cousin, right?


  1. I saw the Discovery too! It was really neat. I wasn't expecting it to be so low!