Monday, April 23, 2012


Sigh.  Nothing beats a weekend. 

Blake and I spent Saturday evening at our favorite pizza joint with Blake's parents and enjoyed our fourth Nutelloco in a week's time.  The staff there is starting to recognize us.  I'm not sure whether to be proud of this fact or embarrassed.

We also watched an edited copy of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I guess because I've read the books and knew what was coming, it was even harder to watch.  I had so much anxiety that I couldn't stop fidgeting - which drove Blake absolutely crazy.  It was a good movie, but probably not one I'll be watching again soon.  Violence against women (even implied/edited out) is just so hard to stomach.

I'm really hating the fact that my body gets used to waking up early every day and then I'm unable to sleep in much on Saturdays.  Both of us were wide awake and ready to go at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday.  So unfair. 

The Weather Channel had been confirming for us all week that Saturday was going to be miserable weather-wise and that we should plan on rain all weekend.  Much to our surprise, it was 80 degrees and sunny all day on Saturday.  We took advantage by spending a large portion of the day outside in the yard.  We mowed, we edged, we mulched, we weeded, we de-vined, we pruned, we swept, we conquered.  

I realized that I may have overdone it with the yard work on Saturday when I woke up Sunday morning with a completely stuffy nose, scratchy throat and puffy eyes and swollen eyelids.  Combine that with an extremely grey, rainy day and you've got the perfect excuse to stay inside all day napping and watching movies and re-runs of Celebrity House Hunters. 

Thankfully, I'm feeling loads better today and my eyelids have returned to a normal size.  And even though it's Monday, I'm still in a great mood because come Friday I'll be heading here: 


  1. I LOVE that you have had 4 in a week. ha. and what the heck tell me about this upcoming trip!! how cool!

  2. i am soooooo excited for you and jealous for me! Take good photos so we can have an apple tv re-cap when you get back.


  3. BOO to Allergies! Have a fabulous trip. I need to call you and get an update before you leave... and then get another update afterwards.

  4. Have a wonderful vaca! I loved your word: weather-wise. I use that hyphenated word often, replacing weather with applicable words, and Todd just doesn't get it. Wise? he asks. Having you, a linguist and friend, has legitimized my use of ____-wise. How would you define it anyway?

  5. What a fun trip you have coming! Can't wait to see pictures, of course!

  6. @Rachel and Todd: I'm all about hyphenating words to create new ones. It just helps so much to describe things, don't you think? I think Todd should just see the wisdom in our ways already....