Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Taste of Georgetown

Yesterday was the Georgetown Law staff BBQ.  Jimmy and I spent an hour and a half eating to our hearts' content and chatting with some of our fun colleagues.  This year's theme was  "On the Boardwalk."  Complete with ice cream, salt water taffy, mounds of fudge (which, note to caterers, is not the best dessert to serve outside in 95 degree weather), and a photo booth. 

In hindsight - and in the sight of the below pictures - it may have been better for me not to eat that extra slab of fudge and the snickers ice cream bar. 

Jimmy and I made use of the photo booth.  I thought that black-and-white would hide some of my imperfections, but unfortunately it couldn't quite hide the double-chinned frumpiness that was yesterday.  Apparently we were supposed to be making silly faces in the first one.  I didn't get the memo, and decided to just have chipmunk face.  Oh well.

As Jimmy said, "this is the best day of the summer.  I just ate for an hour and a half straight!"  That's right, Jimmy.  Georgetown will miss you, too.

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