Monday, July 18, 2011

What exactly is figgy pudding?

Does anyone know what a figgy pudding actually is?  And, if so, how to make one?
I've got about 500 ripe figs that need to be used.  And used fast. 

Our fig tree was a wee little guy when we moved in a year and a half ago.  Now it's a towering two-storey jungle of a tree that we can't cut back fast enough.  We pick a big bowl of figgies every day, but it's still not enough.  The ones we don't get to in time get eaten by the pesky wildlife (squirrels and birds) and then dropped on the ground to become fodder for the even peskier bees.  And I do not like the bees.

When Blake and I were picking figs last week, we accidentally knocked a baby bird out of its nest (disclaimer: we're not masochists...we had no idea there was a nest in the tree, or else we would have been more careful while picking).  Blake and Jimmy spent the rest of the evening devising -with the help of google- operation baby bird rescue.  They successfully got the little feather-puff back into its nest.  It was great news at the time, but now the little puff has been chirping as loud as he can for as much of the day as he can.  It's so bad that I'm about ready to go knock him out of his nest again. 

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  1. i wish that you could ship those figs to me. you could dehydrate them and use them in granola?