Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Don't Mess with Texas

On Saturday night we helped these lovely folks:

throw a going away party for these lovely folks:

 Chris and Maeve are moving to Dallas for business school and we couldn't let them go without having the best (and most delicious) Texas-themed party this side of the Pecos.  Parting is bitter, but partying is sweet.

Logan and Janelle hosted in their brand new and beautiful party room.  Janelle made the most delicious pulled pork (with root beer no less!) that I have ever tasted. 

I was in charge of the desserts...which is pretty dangerous considering I have a serious sweet tooth and don't have a stop-gap when it comes to treats.  The sweeter the better.  The fattier the better.   Mmmm...calories. 

 You can see the pastry cream parfaits in the left corner of the above photo next to the cupcakes.  And, because everyone loves a little food porn now and again: here's a close up of my "lone star" cupcakes. 

 Janelle came up with a delightful game of pin-the-star-on-Dallas.  This was especially exciting for me because Blake had never played pin-the-tail on anything and I had to explain it to him on the way to the party.  I was shocked as was Janelle, who asked "what? Was he never six years old?" (side note: I think I played pin-the-tail games at my birthday parties until I was about 14).

As luck would have it, Blake beat me by a long shot and I spent the rest of the night pouting and wishing that I'd told everyone that I hadn't played pin-the-tail before.  Oh well, so it goes: Blake wins some, I lose some.

I'm still having a hard time believing that Chris and Maeve are leaving.  We've tried our best to talk them into staying...and even considered calling SMU to ask them to create a satellite campus in DC...but no dice.  Luckily Dallas is only a short plane ride away and skype is only a short click away.  We'll miss you guys!

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