Monday, April 25, 2011

Just a little homeless.

Late this past fall we painted our newly windowed and air conditioned den.  These are my painting shorts.

They started out as painting pants last winter.  But then I painted in the spring, got too hot, and took scissors to them (while wearing them, I might add) to turn them into jagged capris.  Then, I painted in the summer and they evolved (again, while wearing them) into the shorts you see here.

I had a bit of a problem when it got chilly again and I had another painting project to do.

Enter the fuzzy socks + slippers.  A combination made in cold-footed heaven and the reason I'm posting this less than attractive photo of myself.

Blake got such a kick out of my fluffy footies that he followed me around the house all evening trying to take paparazzi photos of me in my fuzzy-socked glory.  At the time I saw this footwear as the best solution.  Now, looking at the photo, I agree with Blake.  It is a sartorial malfunction.

1 comment:

  1. It probably says something about the way you usually dress that Blake found this combo particularly funny.

    I wear the most embarrassing combos of random clothing at home in the name of comfort that I'm sure Matt wouldn't bat an eye at an outfit like that:)

    Looks comfy!