Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Love DC in the Springtime.

Our choke cherry tree is blooming in all its pink, puffy, heaven-scented glory.  It blooms later in the season than most others.  So, after the downtown blossoms have faded, we get to enjoy these right outside our front door.  The best part?  No tourists.

I should give credit where credit is due: Blake has humored me in taking lots of pictures of our yard and home with his new snazzy camera.  I'll have him post more photos on our house blog when he has a moment.  You'll be impressed with all of the work he's done in the front yard (our fall sidewalk replacement took a real toll on our front lawn) and with the beautiful trees, bushes and flowers that are colorfully popping out all over our yard.  The azaleas and hydrangeas are almost here, and we've already started enjoying our mass of lilacs.   

Add that to the hundreds of double cherrys, dogwoods, rhododendrons, tulips, daffodils and other flowers in our neighborhood, and we've got one of the most pleasant and beautiful evening walks we could ask for.

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  1. That photo is gorgeous. The Canon is really working for you :)