Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Streak Free Shine

We spent Sunday afternoon watching The Edge and saving a sparrow that had the unfortunate luck to slam into our glass door.

Blake and Anthony Hopkins were explaining that the Kodiak bear is a "man killer."  I was hiding my face under my blanket during the brutal attack scene and jumped when I heard a sharp thwap just outside the room.  Blake is braver than I, so he ventured out to see what had happened.

A concussed sparrow was quivering on our patio and our resident black squirrel was eyeing it with malice.  We've seen the black squirrel battle it out with the grey squirrel (we call it Race Wars) and weren't about to leave the sparrow to its crafty ways.  So we got a spade, garden gloves and a cardboard box lined with toilet paper and moved the sparrow into the box as quietly and quickly as possible.

After a quick google, we learned that we'd done just the right thing (minus giving the bird some seeds, which is apparently exactly the wrong thing to do).  And sure enough after a couple of  immobile hours, the bird flew away.

And now I have an excuse to stop using Windex.  My windows are just too darn clean....

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