Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NYC Christmas

Blake and I have decided that we live a pretty lucky/posh life.  And we're pretty pleased with it.

This past weekend we went up to NYC with Blake's parents on a pre-Christmas excursion.  Blake and I took the bus up on Friday afternoon (Bolt bus = so convenient) and other than the long wait to get through the Holland tunnel, it was a very easy trip.

When we got into the city we headed straight for Rockafeller Center so that I could see the famed tree.  It's been on my list of things to do for several years now, and I was so excited to finally see it.  It did not disappoint.

For posterity's sake, here we are in front of the tree:

From there we walked up fifth avenue to see the store windows and then we headed over to Le Parker Meridien for the best burgers in the world.  I was especially pleased to see the line was much shorter than usual.  It only took us a few minutes to get through the line and snag a table where we could scope out Tina Fey's latest wall-signage (Birthday + Burger = Heaven).

We then met up with Blake's parents and made a couple more pit stops at more Fifth Avenue stores to see their window displays and then headed out to New Jersey where we were staying.

I woke up Saturday feeling crummy (thank you, Temp), but thanks to my in-laws hiring a driver for the day, I was able to see everything I wanted to see, but not get overwhelmingly tired.

With the convenience of a driver we were able to see in two days what would normally have taken a week to see:

The Met
The Polo Mansion, where we played "guess the price of that handbag"...Blake: "$600," Me: "At least a couple thousand," Actual price = $24,000. Whoops.
Lunch at Dos Caminos
The Chagall's at Lincoln Center
Bryant Park
The market at Columbus Circle
The Cloisters Museum
Lunch at Gramercy Tavern
Shopping in Soho

We were too busy have fun (and I was too busy having a bad hair day) to take many photos, but here is one of us drinking our deliciously thick hot chocolate in Central Park:
You can't see it in this picture as we're all bundled up, but Blake and I accidentally packed matching sweaters.  Nothing says "hey, we just got off the bus from DC" like matching argyle sweaters.

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  1. Le Parker Meridien- I swear, that's where Wheel of Fortune puts up their contestants or something... I've heard it as the "accommodations provided by" place at the end of a game show, I swear.

    Besides that, you are lucky! What a fun way to spend a weekend!