Thursday, December 16, 2010

Miss Edna's Edibles

Miss Edna used to be our main switchboard operator here at the Law Center.  She also runs a catering company out of her home called Edna's Edibles.  And let me tell you, the Law Center goes crazy when Miss Edna does the catering.

Miss Edna retired over the summer, so now she runs her catering business full-time. 

Last year she did half of the sweets at the Christmas party. I got to the party 15 minutes late (it's a 2-hour party, so that seemed reasonable to me) and there wasn't even a crumb left. 

This year she did ALL of the sweets for the Christmas party.  I didn't know ahead of time, so I got to the party late again.  I decided to take a gamble and eat the savory foods first (I ended up with a whole plate of carbs: mac n'cheese, butternut squash raviolis, rice...oh well).  By the time I got in line for sweets the line was long and there was a murmur in the air that the last of Edna's 12 prized cheesecakes was being brought out.

I didn't want cheesecake.  I was in line for the cookies and red velvet cake.

But the lady behind me in the line didn't know that.  And she got very antsy as I was picking out my cookies and slowing down the line.  She stood so close she was touching me.  Elbow usage ensued.  Finally I turned around and politely said "You are welcome to go ahead of me in line...I'm not here for the cheesecake." 

She looked a little ashamed, but didn't butt in line (like I said, the Law Center takes Miss Edna's cheesecake VERY seriously), and instead continued to crowd me until I got bothered and left with what little I'd been able to scrounge.

If I hadn't been in such a Christmas-y mood I would have stayed in line and taken the last piece of cheesecake from right in front her.  Lucky for her the Christmas spirit won over my vindictive tendencies, and she got the prized last piece of cheesecake.  Merry Christmas, lady.

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