Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Weekend: The Good, The Bad, and The Sweaty

The Good:  Friday night we went to a Nats' game with these lovely folks.
The Bad:  It was the hottest day we'd had in three weeks.  95 degrees at the end of September...what a doozy.  Which brings me to..
The Sweaty:  See me in the photo below.  That ain't sunshine glistenin' on my face.

The Good: We stayed for the fireworks and they were fabulous.
The Bad:  We then had to commute home at 11:30 p.m.
The Good:  Having Blake with me while we walked to the metro.
The Bad:  Having a schizophrenic man follow us to the metro, asking why we (meaning me) were so scared of him.  "There are people like me in every city from here to New York to Chicago...why are you so scared?"

The Good: Making it home in one piece on the metro.
The Bad:  Staying up to make a cake for the next morning's bridal shower.

The Good:  Having the cake (pumpkin spice with pecans and cream cheese frosting) turn out well even when baked in a fatigue-induced stupor.

The Good:  Getting to practice my ghetto driving skills through NorthEast on the way to Destiny's bridal shower. (Remember: no honking, keep the doors locked, don't make eye contact with the fella in the flashy El Camino who pulls up next to you at a red light.)
The Bad:  Having to practice my ghetto driving skills (see above).

The Good:  Getting to spend time with Destiny at her shower...and consuming large quantities of delicious food (thanks, Katie and Brianna!)
The Bad:  Consuming too much delicious food and feeling uncomfortable on the drive home...

The Sweaty:  Trying to get too much housework done in one afternoon in the heat.

The Good: Going to Mon Ami Gabi with Blake's mom.  We've been there four times in the last three weeks (including twice with my grandparents when they were in town!) and we still aren't sick of it.
The Good:   Seeing a movie in the theater (haven't done that in a while).
The Bad:  It was Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.  I was hoping this would fall into "the good" category, but alas, with a script like that it definitely deserves a place in "the bad" category.

The Good: Anticipating Monday morning when our construction crew would start work on our windows and kitchen.  Check out my other blog for updates.

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  1. The game was so fun! (Despite the sweat.) And your cake looks great:)