Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Georgetown Crabcakes

Monday was a great day.

Destiny and Bryson got engaged!  And I got crab cakes for lunch.  Oh, and French pastries.  I got those too. All at one delicious restaurant, courtesy of Georgetown Law. (Merci mille fois!)

My colleagues are great.  And one of the things I love about working with all women is that for our annual staff retreat, we forgo the lame, tiring team-building exercises, and go straight to a nice restaurant for lunch.  Now that's the life.

But there's a point to this post.  I promise.  So --without further ceremonious ado --I submit for your approval a list of my favorite places to eat crab cakes.  Take note; this list is important and may or may not change your future dining life:

1.  Acadiana.  Best crab cake, bar none.  Also, try the chocolate cake for dessert.  It does not disappoint.
2.  Cafe du Parc.  A very close second.  I would never have thought to put capers in a crab cake, but it adds a fabulous flavor. 
3.  Phillips.  Best no-nonsense, fatty crab cake. And, they have one at BWI, which adds to my traveling enjoyment.
4.  Matchbox.  Best crab cake sandwich.  Wear pearls and an argyle sweater tied around your shoulders and you'll fit right in.
5.  Sequoia.  Second-best crab cake sandwich...but the view makes up for it.

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