Thursday, April 15, 2010

Turning the page

In Candide, Voltaire says: "Those who say 'all is well' have spoken foolishly, the should rather say 'all is for the best'."

How can that be true for all of us? I mean, I've had a pretty easy life, but some haven't. Some people have really hard lives. How is that fair?

I don't mean to be depressing (although that has seemed to be the trend lately, hasn't it...), but these are the things that have been going through my mind lately. Going through my mind last night as I ate my way through a movie-theater-sized box of Milk Duds (that's 3.5 servings, people!) and couched my way through an episode-and-a-half of Gilmore Girls.

Yeah. Wow. I'm turning into real winner. Blake's a lucky guy.

Actually, I'm the lucky one. In all seriousness here. There's no better person to cheer you up than Blake (even when Milk Duds and Gilmore Girls don't work).

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Rach, sorry things are so rough. But Gilmore Girls and Milk Duds sound like a real winner to me! I might just do the same. I for one know Lorelai and Rory cheer me up.