Thursday, March 25, 2010

Snack Time

Blake says I eat like a 12-year-old.

Well, it's true. I've been known to have a big bowl of ice cream while I'm making dinner (and one after dinner, too, for dessert). I consider a handful of cheese nips to be a good anytime snack. And, I won't say no to the occasional fruit snack or Cadbury cream egg.

So, last night when Blake was confused as to why I sat us each down with a bowl of ramen and a fork, "Wait, you eat soup with a fork?"

"What do you do with the broth? Slurp it?"

Um, yes.

I felt vindicated. I am slowly culturing him to my ways.

Editor's/Writer's note: That was the first time I've had ramen in probably four years. I don't usually buy it, but I just-so-happened to have it in the cupboard, and my throat just-so-happened to be sore enough that it sounded like just-the-right-textured-thing to eat.


  1. i have to admit, ramen noodles are a weak spot for me. i think it takes me back to the summer time as a kid or something. i don't ever eat them but when i do, i thoroughly enjoy it :) and, i eat them with a fork are you supposed to eat those noodles with a spoon?!?

  2. I, too, have a weakness for ramen. Embarrassingly enough, I would have rather had Cup-o-Noodle to eat than anything I can think of that I've eaten in the recent past.

    That either says a lot about my love for Cup-o-Noodle or a lot about the base Chow Hall.