Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Norf Carolina

"Hi, My name is Terance. I'm calling from North Carolina. I hope you're smart. I hope you're a big shot. I have found myself in the middle of a criminal conspiracy..."

Just one moment, Terance, let me transfer you.

Questions/items to consider:

1. I hope you're a big shot? In your case, Terence, I'd hope I were a big shot, too. Alas, I'm just me.

2. Who told you to call me/how did you get this number?

3. Is it wrong that I think that most-if-not-all people in North Carolina are plum-out-of-their-minds?


  1. Haha, what? Who would you transfer him to? Maybe it's not Norf Carolina, maybe it's the name Terance . . .

  2. It's for sure North Carolina. Have you ever read about "Lula Mae," on my blog. She was one of my coworkers and she was from North Carolina and she was definitely plum-out-of-her-mind. She was the one who used "fax" and "e-mail" interchangeably. She was also the one who would slip in the word "didn't" and then correct herself saying she "do not like to use double negatives." Because "didn't" is a double negative, of course.