Thursday, February 11, 2010

Governmental Gift

Inventory of the week:

Two snow storms.

One and a half days without power.

Two leaky windows due to ice dams.

4.5 days without work.

Church cancelled.

Blake's perilous climb up the ladder to chip ice away from the roof in a blizzard (Blake likened it to climbing Everest...but without Sherpas).

Movies watched:
He's Just Not that Into you (two thumbs WAY down)
Coraline (Good, not great. Nightmares for me)
Surrogates (Bruce Willis is so type-cast...but decent)
Arlington Road (Hey, we used to live there...)
The Italian Job (and old favorite, and got us through some of the cold power-outaged hours in bed)
An Education (how depressing)
Up in the Air (ditto on depressing)
Invictus (Great story. Boring movie. Horrid fake South African accents)
Where the Wild Things Are ( AWFUL. We only made it through the first 15 minutes before turning it off. Way to ruin a childhood favorite...)

House Projects Accomplished:
Basement stairwell painted.
Basement stair grip-tape removed.
Walls and baseboards washed.
Track lighting installed in the den.
Den ceiling painted.
Pictures hung in the den and dining room.
New dimmer installed in the dining room.
Two leaks stopped and further prevented.
Walkways shoveled three times.
Mountainous laundry pile laundered.


  1. Agree on Coraline. That movie was whacked. And sad to hear about Where the Wild Things Are. That was my absolute favorite as a kid and I hadn't seen the movie yet, but wanted to. Maybe not anymore...

  2. I've seen pictures of snow in the East--so bad! Stay warm and safe!

  3. You sure have been busy! I wish we could complete our home projects. They wait in our closet . . .

  4. Whoa What?! I love love loved Where the Wild Things are. I'm sad that you guys didn't make it through!! And I'm sad that I didn't get to stay the night in DC. I'll come down soon though!