Thursday, January 14, 2010

Circumlocuting is not a word (apparently)

Well, here I am. A week of silence and I'm back.

Don't worry. It was a VERY productive silence.

I've been busy at work with Week One and the beginning of the semester coming up. Tracking down professors is harder than you might think. Oh, what's that? People who bill $1,000 per hour just don't have the time for little ol' me? Sounds about right, gotcha.

I've been busy at home with cleaning, organizing, finishing the kitchen, researching treadmills and cleaning some more. Like the professors, these projects are sometimes hard to find time to pin down. The sealant oil for the counter tops smells sumthin' fierce.

We've been busily trying to avoid asphyxiation for the last two days (and I'm hoping that we don't kill off my Mom with the fumes this weekend). This avoidance includes super-speed dinners: (example) picture us dashing into the kitchen, ripping open the freezer, grabbing out a handful of microwave burritos (yeah, we're THAT classy) and running back into the dining room to nuc them --hmm, yes, we've recently returned the microwave back to the chair in the dining room after its brief hiatus in the kitchen (it’s becoming a permanent fixture in the dining room). Did I mention that all of this is done in one breath, with our noses plugged, followed by weeping, wailing ("I'M DYING") and gnashing of teeth ...

Yeah, that's about how it is at our house right now (sorry Mom).

Here's hoping that the smell has left the premises by the time we get home from the airport.

I've also been busy with school. Much to my chagrin, it's a lot more work than I'd expected. However, much to my (what's the opposite of chagrin?) anti-chagrin, the reading is fantastically interesting and I'm loving the discussion with my classmates and Professor. I may or may not have only missed points on my first assignment because I verbed a couple of nouns. So what. I'm a linguist. I DO WHAT I WANT.

Nevertheless (and ye verily), I will probably have Blake read through my paper before submitting it next time. No point missing points for frivolous verbing. Thank goodness for having a husband who is the anti-me in all things grammar (meaning that he actually understands it and uses it good --unlike me, you see).

Other than that, yeah, my life's been pretty relaxing.


  1. This post just made me laugh. You crack me up. Sounds like you guys are having fun out there!

  2. Rachel it sounds like things are going really good for you guys! That is exciting! Do you ever break out the violin :)