Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Old Friends

I got out my violin for the first time since we got married (I know, shameful).

I had to re-string it almost completely, and after an hour of tuning, finally played the first note and popped the bridge out from under the strings. That's never happened to me before, and it was scary and I screamed. Blake came in to make sure I was ok. I was. Just a little red from the embarrassment and from the ashamedness of not having played her for such a long time.

Our reunion was both joyful and fingers are out of shape and I just don't sound like I used to. High hopes that I'll get back in the swing of things soon though (especially now that she's re-strung and ready to go).

********** ************** **************** **************** **************

Also, Alpha Mae came to visit for a day. Yes, only a day. I was sad. But, I was also happy because she provided us with a wonderful opportunity to go to kebabs and gelato. Boccato gelato. (Geeze, I'm just rhyming all over the place).

We learned some new things from Alpha: like meeting Danielle, who is cool, and who now lives in DC. Also, that pineapple basil gelato is yummy (but we still like the chocolate-y flavors best), and that we were late getting on the boat of enjoyment for Arrested Development (she'd already seen every episode, but was happy to watch the last 3 with us as we lounged in our post-food-and-gelato coma).

It's hard to believe that it had been over 2.5 years since Allie had last been here to hang out with me. She came down from NYC the first week I moved here and helped me set up my IKEA furniture and get accustomed to the city. I miss her. It's too bad that there aren't really any photography opportunities here...darn it. Is it selfish that I wish all of my close Provo friends would just move out here already...

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