Sunday, March 29, 2009

Under my umbrella...

It's been rainy here in DC (until this afternoon) and I've been in my own little world under my umbrella.

Also, I've been working "late," so by the time I'm walking to the metro, I'm a little tired and more than a little out of it.

On Thursday I tried to sneak around a car that had pulled out of a parking garage (you know, just far enough to block the entire sidewalk) and was hurrying behind it when I felt a big smack on my umbrella. Luckily the smack made me jump to the side just in time to see the security/parking gate come crashing down on my right.

I had been listening to my ipod and hadn't noticed the screeching siren that yelps when a car is pulling through to warn of the gate.

Again, because I had my ipod on, I think I misjudged the volume of my exclamation, because I'm pretty sure the surprised looks from all the commuters were a result of my loud "what?! WHAT?!" as I jumped out of the way.

Who said commuting has to be dull?


  1. I love iPod-loud-voice embarrassment stories. The other week I was listening to some loud tunes on my iPod as I ran the Mall. Suddenly, I noticed Tom W. a few feet away running in the opposite direct. I said "Hey Tom!" and waved. But apparently I said it more like, "HEY TOM!" because everyone around me gave weird looks.

  2. There is a great song called Bus Stop by the Hollies that your post title has reminded me of. Now every time I go to blog and see this post title, I end up humming it. Good thing I like the song so much, or I'd be pretty mad.

    Glad you didn't get mauled by the gate arm.