Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just another day at The Office

The other day I was sitting on the first floor of McDonough, eating my bagel at a small table reading "A Farewell to Arms," when I heard a faint pounding, and a very soft "help." I didn't take much notice of it, considering I was reading about a war, and thought that maybe I was only imagining.

A couple minutes later, the entire (or what I imagine to be the entire) force of campus security went running up to the elevators. These were roughly 20 feet from where I was sitting, and I watched. As I continued to munch on my bagel, I gathered that there was someone stuck in the elevator. A female law student:

"Help, I'm stuck." -Muffled voice

"M'am. M'am. Are you ok in there?" -one of five campus security guards

"Beep, beep, beep" - elevator

"M'AM?!? Are you alright?" -nervous guards in unison

"Beep, beep, beep, ding" - elevator

"I'm still stuck in here. Help" - increasingly distressed muffled voice

"Are you uncomfortable in there?" - confused guards

"What was that" - dls (distressed law student)

"ARE YOU UNCOMFORTABLE?" - guards pounding on door

"Beep, beep, beep" - elevator

"Huh?" - guards- "OH, the elevator is still going up and down with her in it!"

"Beep, beep, ding" - elevator

"We've called the elevator technician and he'll be here momentarily" - guard who had yet to say anything at this point

.....20 minutes......

"He's here!" - guards

"He's here!!" - my thought

"I'm here" - elevator technician

......5 minutes.....

"I am never getting in an elevator in this school again." - frazzled (but no longer distressed) law student

"Mmmm, this is a good bagel. I should pack my lunch and eat at this table more often." - my thoughts

......2 hours.....

"Elevators on the east side of the building will be closed until further notice." - Email notification

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  1. one fateful fall day, my high school chamber choir once went to the state court house building for yearbook pictures, all gussied up in our tuxedos and gowns. after the pictures were taken and we sang for a few random spectators, TWENTY-ONE of us piled into an elevator to descend down to the underground parking. it stopped halfway and stayed there for an HOUR and a HALF. someone had the genius idea of singing to pass the time, which we did until a girl fainted and people started to panic and cry and feel nauseous...

    it was an adventure.