Monday, August 25, 2008

Dog-gone it!

I wish the following were my story. However, it is not. I heard it from Mary, a friend, while up in New Hampshire last week.

Mary's friend (let's call her Jane) was dog-sitting at her friend's apartment in a five story walk-up in Chicago.

The dog, which weighed 100 pounds, died one night before she came over to take it on its morning walk. Not knowing what to do with the dead dog, Jane became distraught. She was too small to carry the 100-pound dog down the five flights of stairs to her car.

Jane searched the apartment and finally decided to pack the dog in an over-sized suitcase so that she could safely carry the deceased animal to her trunk.

After huffing and puffing down the stairs, Jane reached the street and took a break. Her car was just down the street, so there wasn't that far to walk, but she needed a breather after those 5 flights of stairs. So she set the suit-case down for a moment.

Just then, a friendly man came up and offered to help carry the suitcase down the street for her. ("You know how friendly people from Chicago are"). When he inquired as to the contents of the suitcase (he was surprised at its substantial weight), Jane was too embarrassed to tell him its true contents, so she told him that it was so heavy because it carried electronics.

The man then took off running with the suitcase he thought was filled with expensive electronics.

I'd like to have seen the look on his face when, expecting DVD players, he found the massive old hound.

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  1. this is probably the best story i've ever heard.

    i love this world we live in.