Monday, August 12, 2013

En Fin

Days 5, 6, and 7 we spent hanging out in Pebble Beach/Carmel/Monterey/Pacific Grove.  We went bike riding along the ocean, visited Fisherman's Wharf, stopped by Pebble Beach golf course, ogled the Lone Cypress, chatted with my parents and grandparents, and generally ate way too much delicious food.

I've loving succulents around the house lately and so Blake enjoyed teasing me every few seconds by generously pointing out, "oh, look, Rach, one of your succulents!"  The climate in Pebble Beach is perfect for succulents and they're everywhere - growing in every nook and cranny of every cliff. 

Basically, the colors of all of the flowers and plants are gorgeous.  In the fog, the plants along the coast look muted like a water color painting.  In the sun, the bougainvillea climbing the fences and homes are Technicolor-bright.  I spent one afternoon dragging Blake on a walk around the neighborhood to take pictures of my favorite homes and favorite landscaping.  I may have to share those photos at some point - they'll make you drool with design lust.  I love it when rich people also have good taste (believe me, it doesn't always go hand-in-hand). 

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