Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I never wrote about Easter this year.  Mostly because I was spending my time enjoying the moment, but also because I was lazy after the weekend and consumed with work and life.

Blake had to work all weekend (until midnight each day as he did for the whole month), so I got to tag along on Easter festivities with Blake's family and with friends. 

Saturday we had Easter #1 at Blake's parents' house.  We had a lovely meal, way too much dessert, and then played all sorts of games outside with hard boiled eggs.  We played the balance-an-egg-on-a-spoon-and-run game (which was especially entertaining when the three-year-olds got involved) and we also played Bocce Ball with the eggs.  You can see my extra classy egg below - decorated with a blue sharpie and smudged by yours truly. 

I'd like to blame my egg for my terrible Bocce skills, but the truth is that I have terrible depth perception in games like this and ended up giving my egg to my 3-year-old nephew so he could have an extra turn.  He successfully smashed the egg in one turn - but at least the yolk landed fairly close to its goal.  That's got to count for something.

Sunday I joined with some friends from church for a second Easter dinner.  Tiffany, Kristin and I had spent an evening earlier that week making "special" Easter eggs.  We blew out the insides, dyed and glittered the outsides, then cut small holes in them and filled most with fruity pebbles and two with glitter.  Then, after dinner, each person got two eggs to smash on the head of an unsuspecting victim.  If you got one with glitter broken over your head, you got a prize. 

I stole the photo below from Kristin.  She was the first one to break an egg over my head (with great force, I might add) and it was filled with fruity pebbles.  No prize.  Just extra dirty hair.  Yumm.  I am not sharing the photo of Tiffany smashing a glitter filled egg over my head (prize = yes. clean hair =a definite no) because I have approximately 4 chins in it.  Even after several shampooings, I was still digging glitter out of my hair for a week. 

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