Monday, November 5, 2012

Coming up for air.


I've made it.

Hurricane Sandy closed down the Law Center for two days last week.  And, although it was lovely to have two days off (with power, miraculously!), I came back to absolute insanity at work.

You see, having two days cancelled means that we had to reschedule over 300 classes...all within the next four weeks until the semester is over.  It was a nightmare.  Picture a gigantic puzzle in which the pieces are constantly changing shape and deciding not to alight correctly on a whim. 

I'm down to tracking down my last handful of professors, and then I can breath a true sigh of relief, but at least I'm getting close and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So.  Other than craziness at work, yes, we're totally fine - no damage at home, no power outages, no water problems.  We're thankful that we just finished doing all our waterproofing projects this summer and are now certain they were worth every penny.  It's nice to feel like our money was well-spent. 

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  1. glad to hear you guys made it through ok!