Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The real normal

Do you ever have those weeks where you've been extremely busy, but you look back and feel like you did a whole lot of nothing?  Last week was like that for me.

During the week I felt like I didn't have two seconds to rub together, but then, as I look back, I can't really pinpoint what I was up to.  Probably just a busy work schedule, trying to keep the house clean, and perpetually picking up the smashed figs that the squirrels and birds like to leave around our yard.  You know, the glamorous, fun stuff.

This week isn't really much better in terms of excitement.  The Law Center semester starts next Tuesday, so I'm slogging through the piles of questions the adjunct faculty members like to hit me with at the last second.  I don't blame them...I'd probably be the same way, but it sure takes it out of me.  If I never write another email again after today I'd be perfectly happy...

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